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Facility Service Trends Set To Define 2022

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While the pandemic appears to be fading in many parts of the world, any return to normalcy now comes with  innovations and new approaches to commercial cleaning — many of which were created out of necessity over the past two years. Looking ahead to the remaining months of 2022, KBS Services took a deeper dive into these new trends and how cleaning businesses of all segments can expect to be impacted. 

Efficient Technologies To Combat Labor Shortages

While the ability to hire and retain a full cleaning staff is a trouble for many, it doesn’t elude the fact that cleaning expectations are still elevated. Frontline staffs and building service contractors (BSCs) will continue to adopt technologies that complete tasks more efficiently, such as foggers and electrostatic sprayers. 

Sensors are another technology to keep an eye out for. They are capable of tracking foot traffic and real time and help staffs allocate workers to areas of need through real-time notifications. Examples include such as a restroom spill complaint or an empty dispenser.

Similarly, geo-fencing is emerging as a way to better track employee efficiency. The technology replaces conventional punching in-and-out of a job, which can sometimes be forgotten or be inefficient in general. It also helps with decisions on where to allocate staff. 

“Cleaning For Health” Will Rebound

As facilities re-open, occupant apprehension will still be high in many settings. Pressure to ensure occupants stay healthy will fall in-part on the cleaning staff and facility managers. Decision-makers will look to adopt  HEPA filters, air purifiers, ultraviolet lights and other indoor air quality (IAQ) assisting tools. Since budgets are determined by bottom-line results, priorities such as infection control and touchpoint disinfection will hold an even greater importance during cold and flu season.

Efficiency Through Integrated Facility Services

Organizations struggling to adopt to wage increases will be looking for any opportunities to cut costs. Facility service companies can offer an opportunity through the bundling of services, such as janitorial, landscaping, snow removal and more. Not only do these types of bundles come at a discount, but they simplify the service process for the facility as well. 

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