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How to use Ice Melt

 The National Weather Service says we can expect cold, chilly weather stretching into the middle of March 2022. 

This means building managers and cleaning professionals should keep the ice melt handy. Winter may be running late this year.

However, according to Colton Crowe with AFFLINK, a leading membership organization made up of jan/san distributors around the country, facility managers and cleaning professionals should be aware of the following about ice melt:

How It’s Made

A common ingredient in ice melt is calcium chloride. This compound absorbs moisture and releases heat. This helps melt the ice and slow ice build-up on outdoor surfaces.  

Be Careful

The product’s label may say it has minimal impact on nearby vegetation or is safe for indoor floors. But ice melt can be detrimental to vegetation and, if it collects on floors, cause floor care-related problems. 

North Facing Walkways

North-facing areas usually need more ice melt and more frequent ice melt applications than other areas. 

Monitor and Document

Continually monitor and document ice conditions around the facility and record each ice melt application. Should a slip-and-fall accident occur, this documentation can help minimize liability issues. 

Application Requirements

Different ice melt brands have different application requirements. For instance, the ice melt may need to be applied using specific equipment. 

Harming Floors

Ice melt walked onto floors can eat away at the floor’s finish. This can harm the floor because the finish helps protect the floor.  

Cleaning and Scrubbing

Select ice melt removers to remove ice melt from floors. These products suspend the ice melt, allowing for easier ice melt removal. 

Avoid Mopping Floors

Mops can spread ice melt. Use an auto scrubber to gently remove ice melt from floors. The machine will help preserve the finish and protect the floor. 

“Also, be aware that no two facilities are exactly alike when it comes to using ice melt,” adds Crowe. “An astute jan/san distributor can make product selection and application easier, help ensure walker safety, and reduce winter operating costs.”

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